Truck mounted hydraulic cranes (Picker trucks)

RAC-Germany™ truck mounted hydraulic stiff boom cranes are manufactures by “WELDCO-Hydra-Lift cranes” in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. They are said to be the strongest and most reliable truck mounted cranes of the world. That is the reason why these cranes are principally used in the oilfields, in mines and on big and rough construction sites.

More details and pictures of the above shown Service Truck:

RAC-GERMANY™ service trucks with knuckle boom and rigid boom hydraulic cranes are built for tough jobs and well known for highest reliability in roughest conditions. We are using high-quality German, European and Canadian components. RAC-Germany™ truck mounted hydraulic cranes and service-trucks are suitable for harsh climate conditions. Our crane units are robust, reliable, durable and easy to maintain.

RAC-Germany™ service-trucks and truck mounted cranes are custom-built from the ground up without compromises. We tailor your individual truck.

Before recommending our products we analyze carefully your projects, business and special needs. Data thus obtained will help us to elaborate perfect solutions. Reliability and easy maintainability are the highlighting characteristics of our service-trucks and truck mounted cranes.